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Supplements by KIKI

NEW KIKI Products

MSM Powder

NON GMO Lecithin Powder

Psyllium Husks

These pure, unprocessed, unfiltered supplements have all been created the KIKI way!

We've sourced only the highest quality ingredients and ensured that they are carefully processed in such a way that all their beneficial elements are preserved and maximised. We add no fillers, binders, or preservatives what so ever.

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Norstar Biomagnetics

Norstar BioMagnetic Products

Norstar Biomagnetics is the professional's choice for magnet therapy solutions. Used by therapists, sportsmen and many, many normal people on a day to day basis, Norstar products offer the most powerful magnetic solutions (gauss strength) you can obtain in the UK. Introduce magnetics into your daily life and feel the difference.

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InnerTalk - Advanced proven technology at work!

Imagine being able to make the changes to yourself you have always wanted to make, made many attempts to make, never quite made it. Imagine having access to the tools and the technology that can actually change you from the inside out, improving your life in an area you desire, automatically. InnerTalk provides over 200 titles of CD self help programmes to help you make these changes.

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KIKI Health Supplements


Supplements can provide the essential nutrients needed in today's hectic and increasingly toxic society. Kiki's supplements provide a full spectrum of absorbable nutrients.

KIKI Health Beauty products


Our beauty products are carefully produced using only the most natural ingredients available. This holistic range will encourage your natural beauty to shine through.

Zielonka Smellkillers

Zielonka Smellkillers

Made in Germany out of special high-grade stainless steel, the Smell Buster neutralizes odours as soon as it comes into contact with air and water, leaving the air fresh and clean again.

Kiki Brochure

Kiki Brochure

In this issue we are bringing you lots of tips on how to perform the most effective detox and you can read about it on pages 4 and 5. We also want to let you know about our new products, offer you some very special discounts and tell you about our bestsellers.

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