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Healing Cancer From Inside Out

Healing Cancer From Inside Out
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By Mike Anderson

This newly released book accompanies the DVD of the same name. The emphasis of the DVD is on establishing that conventional methods to "cure" cancer will never rival the natural approaches that can heal it. The book, meanwhile, is a practical guide to a comprehensive anti-cancer lifestyle. As stated in the introduction, "This book focuses on providing the details for supporting cancer patients and essentially picks up where the film leaves off." However, the first section of the book, dedicated to exposing, "how ineffective - and harmful - conventional cancer treatments are to the cancer patient" is not to be missed.

Naturally, the bulk of the information in the book is about diet and nutrition. Author Mike Anderson created a health-promoting diet he calls the "RAVE" diet - RAVE stands for "No Refined foods, no Animal foods, no Vegetable oils, no Exceptions." The book contains over 100 pages of recipes - all are plant-based and many of them are raw. The author emphasizes the importance of green juicing and consuming an alkalizing diet, and also covers the anti-cancer nutrients vitamin C, vitamin D and laetrile. The advice isn't just limited to diet, though, and also highlights the importance of exercise, lowering your toxic burden, and right mental attitude.

Table of contents

Part 1
The failure of conventional treatments
Show me the money
Results of nutritional therapy
A tumor fetish
Screening for dollars
Five-year "cures"
The do-nothing strategy
Saying goodbye to the cancer industry

Part 2
Reversing cancer
Rebuilding your immune system
Changing your soil
High acidity
Poor circulation and low nutrient/oxygen levels
High blood sugar
High cholesterol
High sex hormones
Lowering your toxic burden
The pursuit of happiness

Part 3
The RAVE diet & lifestyle
No refined foods
No animal foods
No vegetable oils
No exceptions
Essential dietary guidelines
Getting more bang for the buck
What to expect
Green juicing and blending
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Environmental factors
Soy and breast cancer
Problems with the glycemic index
Calcium needs, osteoporosis and acidic diets
Raw and cooked foods

Part 4
Meal preparation
Meal preparation rules
The RAVE diet food pyramid
Cooking without oil
Making plain foods taste fabulous
Soy sauce substitute
Bean preparation
Reading labels & ingredients

Part 5
Sample recipes
Green juicing
Green blending (smoothies)
Fast food: meals in minutes
Breakfast guidelines
Breakfast recipes
Lunch or dinner recipes
Suggestions for lunch/dinner
Salads - The main meal
Soups & stews
Mix-ins/Side dishes
Dips, spreads & sauces
Recipes on the web
Food lists
Recipe index
General index

Paperback: 280 pages

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