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Juice Master's book of Simple Smoothies

Juice Master's book of Simple Smoothies
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By Jason Vale

Motivational health coach and No. 1 juicing author Jason Vale, The Juice Master reveals the secret to looking fantastic. Look no further than your blender for the recipe to a leaner body, clear skin, shiny hair, and more energy than you've ever known. The Little Book Of Simple Smoothies contains twenty recipes for mouth-watering smoothies that are loaded with vitamins, protein, and natural sugars - designed to boost your immune system and overall well-being.

In as little as two weeks, you can feel the amazing difference these power drinks can make in your life. Complete with a fruit and vegetable list detailing the vitamins, minerals and health benefits of each, you'll be more than equipped to find the right smoothies to target your health hot spots and satisfy your taste. Reshape your body, your health, your mind, and your life ... forever!

Contains; 20 nutritious recipes from creamy and delicious smoothies, a comprehensive listing of fruits, vegetables and their amazing nutritional benefits and an introduction from the Juice Master himself explaing how juices and smoothies changed his life.

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